Raining Cats & Dogs : Talking about Weather (2)    No.14


When the sun is not seen, we can say "It's cloudy", but if we see the sun sometimes with the clouds, then it's "partly sunny"or "partly cloudy" (which one we say depends on whether there is a higher percentage of coluds or sun..."partly sunny" could mean 60% sun, 40% clouds)
There are also vaious ways to talk about rain.  The lightest rain which we feel just a little on our skin is called "drizzle".  Next in strength is "light" rain followed by moderate or steady and "heavy" or hard rain.
For example, a person who comes in with wet clothes and dripping umbrella was probably caught in "heavy" rain.  An old-fashioned  expression to describe such a rain is "raining cats and dogs".  This is an old idiom which means a very hard rain...
Humid weather, as we often get in Japan in summer, is said to be "muggy" or "sticky".  As for the wind, if there's a light wind blowing, we can describe the day as "breezy" or "There's a breeze today."  A lot of wind is called a "windy" day, however.  Soon, it will be colder in Tokyo which reminds me of an old expression from the days when houses weren't heated well inside.  A very cold night was called a "Three-dog night" because you needed at least 3 dogs sleeping with you on your bed to be warm !

お役立ち英会話表現 14
Partly cloudy   時々曇り
Drizzle      霧雨
Dripping umbrella     水滴がしたたる傘
As for 〜    〜については
Muggy, Sticky     じめじめした・むし暑い

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