Doublespeak and Gobbledygook (1)


People who get fed up with overly complicated and unclear (or even deceptive) language, especially used by politicians and corporations are perhaps victims of doublespeak.

Doublespeak is language that is misleading, avoids reality and tries to make the bad seem good.

The US military is famous (or infamous) for using doublespeak to put bad actions or setbacks in a more positive light.

For example, instead of saying they "kill the enemy", The American Military might say "Neutralize opposition assets."

In one battle in the Korean War, an American general said his soldiers weren't retreating.  They were "attacking in another direction."   Also, when innocent people are killed in an attack by US forces, those people are called "collateral damage,"  a term which successfully removes any human emotion in describing what happened.                     (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その13
doublespeak                             あいまいな物言い
gobbledygook                            回りくどい表現
get fed up with 〜           〜に飽き飽きする
deceptive                               人を迷わす
make the bad seem good                  悪いものをよく見せる
infamous                                悪名高い
setback                                 敗北、後退
neutralize opposition assets            反対勢力の占領地域を中立化する
retreat                                 退却する
collateral damage                       付帯的な損害

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