Doublespeak and Gobbledygook (2)


Business use doublespeak when pretend to do something for the customer's benefit when actually it is for their benefit.

An example is when a hotel asks us to check our parcels at the front desk "for your convenience", when actually, it is certainly for their own convenience.

Shops don't sell 'used' items.  They sell "pre-owned" or "vintage" goods, those words having a better image.

People also use doublespeak to make their jobs sound better or more important: A garbage worker is a "Sanitation Engineer", and for Japanese visa documents, a teacher is a "Specialist in Humanities."

Gobbledygook is similar in that it is overly-complicated and difficult to understand language.

People often ignore instruction manuals and try to assemble a home stereo system (for example) because the instructions are often just gobbedygook.  That word, by the way, was invented in 1944 by a lawyer in Texas who compared the foolish, complicated words of bureaucrats to the "gobbling" sound made by a turkey.

If you have ever tried to understand a government tax document you have probably encountered gobbledygook!                 (G.K) 

英会話表現&英単語 その14
pretend to 〜             〜する振りをする
customer's benefit                     お客の利益
their own convenience                  自分たちの都合
sanitation engineer                    清掃作業員
Specialist in Humanities               人文科学の専門家(就労ビザの一つ)
similar in that 〜            〜という点において類似している
encounter                              出会う

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