Let's talk about it !  (1)


Let's talk movies, music, sports, politics, history, the economy etc.
Without a topic, well, then what can you talk about ?  You need ammunition for your conversation.  Topics can help.  Even the "weather" can be a topic.

Read the newspaper, watch the news,  Go to see a movie.  Read a movie review.  Stay in tune with current events.  Life is information.

Having conversations usually means you are exchanging information, ideas, feelings and opinions.  Conversations in any language are usually carried out between, or amongst people.  Weird people may talk to themselves.  A one-way conversation is going nowhere.  It's a dead end.  Talking to yourself just cancels everthing out.  There is no language exchange.                              (V.C)

英会話表現&英単語 その15
Without a topic, what can you talk about ?    話題がなければ、何も話せない。
ammunition                     弾薬、情報
go to see a movie              映画を観に行く
a movie review                 映画評論
stay in tune with 〜      〜と調子を合わせる
carry out                      実行する、行う
amongst people                 人々の間で (amongst=among)
weird                          変わった、気味の悪い
one-way                        一方通行の
dead end                       行き止まり、行き詰まり

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