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Studying English by yourself is OK, of course.  Listening to English on your I-pod, or relying on NHK programs to help you is a good thing.  Reading is good too.  Brushing up on your grammar is important, yes.

Repeating words and phrases after the voice on the tape can improve your pronunciation and sharpen your listening skills.  However, even by doing all of these things, are you able to carry on a conversation with someone from a foreign country (or even from your own country) in English ?  Can you hold your own in a two-way conversation ?

Can you overcome shyness and lack of confidence to use your English to discuss a topic, to give your opinion on  an issue, or share your emotions ?

To achieve this conversation ability you need a teacher.  A native English speaker with teaching credentials and teaching experience is your best option.
Later, after you have learned a lot of English and have built a large vocabulary, and a lot of confidence to use it; then perhaps, you might try learning (and or practicing) with a non-native English teacher.                      (V.C)

英会話表現&英単語 その16
by yourself                         一人で
rely on 〜             〜に頼る
brush up on 〜           〜にみがきをかける
carry on a conversation             会話をする
two-way                             双方向の
overcome                            打ち勝つ、克服する
opinion on an issue                 ある事案についての意見
share emotions                      感情を共有する
achieve                             成し遂げる
teaching credentials                教える資格

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