American Company Mascots (1)


Japan is famous for its many characters and mascots - Yurukyara.

Probably the most famous right now is Funassyi, the hperactive unofficial character of Funabashi, who is seen everywhere, and who recently wrote (?) a book.

Other famous Japanese characters are Kumamon from Kumamoto, and the weird character Sento-kun from Nara.

While America has far fewer characters than Japan, some sports teams and companies use them.
In Japan, a lot of local areas have their own characters, but this is rare in the US.

One famous American baseball mascot was the San Diego chicken (San Diego Padres), whose funny dance routines during Padres games was a hit in the 1980s.

McDonald's restaurant has the clown Donald McDonald called Ronald McDonald in the US, while rival Burger King has the Burger King (not so popular).                        (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その17
famous for 〜          〜で有名
right now                        ちょうど今
hyperactive                       活動的過ぎる
unofficial                        非公認の
weird                             へんちくりんな
while America 〜         一方アメリカは〜
far fewer                         はるかに少ない
padre                             (スペイン語で)神父
dance routine                     (お決まりの)ダンスステップ
a hit in the 1980s                1980年代の当たり(人気のあったもの) 
clown                             道化師  

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