American Company Mascots (2)


The California Raisin Advisory Board, a civic group to promote California Raisins, had the Clifornia Raisins (obvious name) who looked like human raisins, and danced & sang to old American soul songs in some TV CMs.  They were extremely popular over 20 years ago, and featured on many items.

The AFLAC duck, so popular in Japan, was created in America, but the comedian who did the duck's voice in CM's was replaced after joking about the Fukushima accident !

American breakfast cereals have many many characters including Sugar Bear, a cool bear in a turtleneck sweater for Sugar Crisp cereal.

Some sports characters, including those for the Washington Redskins football team are criticized being racists toward Native Americans.  America is very sensitive about any character which seems to show racial streotypes (charcteristics or image of some group, usually negative).

Also, instead of Yurukyara, American companies often use animation characters in their advertisements.  These are cheaper than paying an actor !

Some of the most popular US characters can be seen in huge size as balloons in the New Year's MACY's Parade in New York City...                       (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その18
Raisin Advisory Board        干しブドウ諮問委員会
civic group                    民間のグループ
promote 〜                     促進する
look like 〜          〜のように見える
fearured on many items         沢山の品物で使われている
replace                        置き換える、首にする

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