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What about China's recent aggression in the contested area by implimenting its own version of where the fly-zones should be.  This strong action taken by China in asserting its will to make claim to the Senkaku Islands seems somewhat rediculous, since the world community officially recognizes Senkaku as part of Japan.

Do you think Abe is right in his telling JAL and ANA pilots "NOT" to inform Chinese authorities that these airline carriers are flying through what the Chinese think is thier own air-space ?  Is not telling China dangerous ?  Could this spark some serious military reprisal from China ?

How do you feel about Japan winning the bid to hold the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020 ?  Did Abe do a good job in appealing to the Olylympic
committee in Argentina ?  Was Abe lying when he told them that "The Fukushima problem is under control !"  Is Abe an honest politician ?  As we, the people, know that most politicians around the world are liars and will do anything to maintain (and , or, to increase) their power and their riches.  Like most of the Prime Ministers in Japan, Abe is a super rich man from a super powerful rich family.  Do you think this is a good thing ?  Can he understand the problems of ordinary people like you and me ?  What about the recent passing of the National Secrets Act ?                            (V.C)

英会話表現&英単語 その20
aggression                            侵略
contested                             抗争中の
implement                             履行する、実施する
version                               特定の見解
fly-zone                              飛行区域
assert                                主張する
make claim                            (権利を)主張する
somewhat rediculous                   少しばかげてる
spark                                 誘発する
reprisal                              報復、仕返し
bid                                   入札、誘致
the National Secrets Act              国家秘密保護法案

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