The Death of Books (1)


Let's say first that people are still reading, maybe more than ever.  At least they're reading something.

Blogs like this one, Facebook text posts, news and sports websites, people are always involved in reading some content.
But, what they aren't reading so much these day are printed books made of paper.

Magazines, and especially newspapers are having hard times, with a lot of readers, especially younger ones, turning to digital sources to get information.

There's more information available than ever before, but people aren't getting it from print.

If you visit a lot of homes nowadays, especially in the U.S., you seldom see the bookcase that used to be a central part of living rooms in past years.                     (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その21
death                             死
Let's say first that 〜           まず、〜という事にしましょう
more than ever                    今まで以上に
at least                          少なくても
involved in reading some content  何かしらのものを読んでいる
what they aren't reading so much   あまり読まなくなっているもの
have hard times                    苦労する
turn to 〜                      〜に向かう
seldom see                         めったに見ない
bookcase that used to be 〜    かって〜だった本箱
in past years                      昔は、かっては

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