Super Sized American Culture (1)


In the United Staes things are generally larger than in Japan.  For one, the people are taller.  Americans are generally 5 cm or so taller than their Japanese counterparts ( people who are similar to you but from a diffent group).

Another noticeable difference is the geographic size of the two countries.  America is a lot more extensive than Japan.  In fact, the states of Alaska and California are a similar size to all of Japan.

America is so large and has so many sightseeing spots within its own borders that approximately half of the U.S. does not own a passport - basically, they have probably never left America because they never run out of things to do and see in the U.S. - this is not a way of thinking that I agree with, but it is very common nonetheless.             (J.F)

英会話表現&英単語 その23
super sized                             超大きい
For one                                 一つには
5 cm or so                              5センチぐらい
Japanese counterpart                    該当する日本人
noticeable                              目立つ、人目を引く
georaphic size                          地理的な大きさ
extensive                               広大な
In fact                                 実際
all of Japan                            日本全体
sightseeing spots                       観光スポット
within its own borders                  国内に
run out of 〜                          〜がなくなる
a way of thinking that I agree with     同意できる考え方
nonetheless                             それにもかかわらず

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