Bath Time ! (2)


There's also news recently that Americans are starting to become more like Europeans - not bathing or showering every day.  Some peple believe it isn't necessary, unless you're a construction worker or farmer.
Other people think we shouldn't wash away our skin's natural oils so often...

Taking a bath in the bathtub is seen by many Americans as taking too much time, so the shower is used much more often.  In fact, some hotel chains don't even include a bathbub in the bathroom (ironically) because the custmers just don't use them...

As for public bathing, as Japanese people do in sentos and onsens, it's rare in the US.  For one thing, there aren't so many natural hot springs where onsens could be built.

Another reason is that Americans generally don't bathe together.  In Japan it's normal for parents and young children to take a bath together, but in the US it's rare.
Americans are shy about nudity with strangers, at least for bathing purposes.

The city of San Francisco used to have quite a lot of public bath houses used by gay men, but since the AIDS crisis began, most were closed.

Asian travelers can still find Korean or Japansese public baths in big cities.  But don't expect to see a lot of Americans in there...                           (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その28
unless 〜               もし〜でなければ
wash away                             流し去る
is seen as 〜             〜とみなされる
much more often                       もっとひんぱんに
In fact                               実際
ironically                            皮肉なことに
As for 〜               〜については
For one thing                         一つには
bathe                                 入浴する
nudity                                裸であること
at least                              少なくとも
used to have 〜             〜を持っていた
don't expect to 〜           〜することを期待しない
in there                              その中に

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