Americans love tanning (1)


Japanese people, and in particular Japanese women, like their skin to be pale.

The natural skin color of most Japanese is a skin color one would find commonly in parts of Italy or Spain.

In English, we would say "olive-skinned" or "light olive-skinned" to talk about the common tone of Japanese skin.  In other words, Japanese people are not very light-skinned like say Norwegians or Swedes are.

Yet, the Japanese go to great lengths (try hard) to make their skin as white as possible .  In Japan, being told that you look pale (very light ) is a big compliment.

In the U.S., this above Japanese compliment would be seen as rude.  The reason for this difference of meanin in the same comment is that Americans value tan (dark from the sun, or dark naturally) skin and think pale skin looks sickly(not healthy).                                (J.F)

英会話表現&英単語 その29
tanning                               日焼け
in particular                         特に
pale                                  青白い
skin color one would find commonly in parts of Italy or Spain                イタリアやスペインでよく見かける肌の色
light olive-skinned                   薄いオリーブ色の
in other words                        言い換えれば
say                                   たとえば
Swede                                 スウェーデン人
Yet                                   しかし
go to great lengths                   努力する
as white as possible                  出来るだけ白く
being told that 〜           〜と言われることは
compliment                            ほめ言葉、お世辞
seen as rude                          失礼になる
value tan skin                        日焼けした肌を評価する
sickly                                健康的でない、病的な

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