Americans love tanning (2)


The expression "tall, dark and handsome" is considered the formula for a good-looking man in Ameica.  Women often say that they dream of marrying a tall, dark and handsome man with a good job.

After returning home from vacation, when your co-workers tell you that you look tan it is always a big compliment.  Growing up, I heard people always talking about how they were pale and how they needed to go to the beach and tan.

If you visit an American beach on a sunny summer day, chances are that you will see the majority of the people on the beach tanning.

Luckily, in the United States things are changing.  Tanning is still very popular but it is not quite as popular as it once was.  The reason for this slow decline is the risk of skin cancer that tanning creates.  Tanning is the largest reason for skin cancer and as the ozone layer (the layer in the atmosphere that protects the earth from the rays of the sun) disappears, light skinned people are getting cancer more frequently.

Another reason for tanning's drop in popularity is that tanning makes you age (look older).

Japanese women generally look 5 to 10 years younger than their American counterparts (women of the same age) and the reason for their young appearance is no secret.  Staying out of the sun for most of their lives makes their skin less wrinkled (having lines on the skin because of old age).                              (J.F)

英会話表現&英単語 その30
formula                             基本原則、定式
dream of 〜                         〜を夢見る
co-workers                          同僚
you look tan                        日焼けしたね
Growing up                          子供だった時
how they were pale                  なんて色が白いんだろう
chances are that 〜         多分〜するでしょう
not as popular as it once was       昔ほど人気がない
ozone layer in the atmosphere       大気圏のオゾン層
tanning makes you age               日焼けが原因で老ける
no secret                           周知のこと

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