Let's talk about it !  (8)


Let's talk music again !

Over the millenniums, other more sophisticated instruments came into being.

The Rolling Stones are coming back to Japan in March, after an 8 year hiatus.  I love rock and roll.  How about you ?

What kind of music do you like ?  What is your favorite group ?  Who is your favorite solo artist ?  Do you like rap ? or hip-hop ?  What J-pops groups do you like ?  Do you like K-pops ?  

How about classical music ?  Do you listen to it ?  I like Vivaldi.  What composer do yo enjoy ?

I can play some basic chords on an acoustic guitar.  I write song lyrics and sing too.  How about you ?  Can you play any instruments ?

Talk about it ! ...                                (V.C)

英会話表現&英単語  その32
over the millenniums                       数千年の間に
come into being                            現れる
after an 8 year hiatus                     8年振りに
composer                                   作曲家
basic chords                               基本コード
song lyrics                                歌詞

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