Allergy Season (1)


Now that hay fever season has arrived people often have complaints about health problems. (as a side note, ""hay fever" has no connection to high body temperature - fever- it is an allergy).

People with hay fever often have a runny nose: fluid is coming out of the nose like water nunning.  Sometimes nonstop it seems !

A stuffy nose, on the other hand, is a nose that is full of "stuff".  The fluid does not come out.  We also say our nose is "stuffed up" (blocked inside).  It's hard to say which of these conditions is worse !

When we have porblems with allery or have a cold, we often "blow our noses" which means to try to get the fluid out of our nose by pushing it out with air and into a handkerchief or tissue.

This action is often combined with a loud honking sound.  Why, I don't know...                        (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その33
Now that hay fever season has arrived        花粉症の季節がやってきたので
side note                                    補助用メモ
has no connection to 〜             〜とは無関係
a runny nose                                 鼻水
fluid                                        液体
like water running                           水が流れ出るように
nonstop it seems ! = it seems nonstop !      止まりそうもない!
a stuffy nose                                鼻づまり
on the other hand                            一方
blow our noses                               鼻をかむ
a loud honking sound                         チーンという甲高い音

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