Allergy Season (2)


By the way, having an allergy (pronounced "Al-er-jee") means we are allergic to something, meaning we become sick after eating, breathing, or touching something that is very common in the environment.

The list of things that people are allergic to is endless and includes pollen (flower or plant dust), pets, foods such as peanuts or wheat and synthetic materials.

In recent years, foods in the USA and other countries often have food labels to notify consumers that the food is "soy-free" or "dairy free" and then can be eated by people with allergies to those things.

In extreme cases of allergies the allergic person might go into shock (The body systems stop working) and die when exposed to allergens (materials that cause allergy symptoms).

Sometimes if a person eats peanuts or seafood (for example) their body and face might be covered in red spots and become swollen (bigger than normal), and breathing may be difficult.

In such cases, treatment at a hospital is necessary...

As for hay fever, people who suffer from it should either avoid exposure to pollen or take an antihistamine (medicine for nose problems).

Life is difficult sometimes !                       (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その34
by the way                               ところで
allergic to 〜                           〜に対してアレルギーがある
somethig that is very common in the environment    周囲に普通にあるもの     environment : 環境
wheat                                    小麦
synthetic materials                      (化学的に)合成された物質
notify that 〜              〜ということを知らせる
soy(dairy)-free                          大豆(乳製品)の入っていない
in extreme cases                         極端な場合
go into shock                            ショック症状に陥る
exposed to allergens                     アレルギー物質にさらされる
covered in red spots                     赤い斑点に覆われる
swollen                                  腫れた
should either avoid 〜 or take an untihistamine   〜を避けるか抗ヒスタミン薬を服用すべき

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