(The lack of) Crime in the United States (1)


I have been living in Japan now over a year and one of the very few offensive things that I have heard so far is how dangerous many Japanese people think the United States is.

I have too many students who have told me that they only chose to study in Vancouver or in Toronto (both in Canada) because they were afraid of living in the United States.
They think that most Americans have guns and that the average street has the feel of a Hollywood movie such as the Godfather.

Sadly, their ideas about the United States are far from the truth.  Ameirca is much safer than they believe.

In reality, the United Sates is mostly as safe, or close to as safe as Japan.  Big cities have large areas that are free of serious crime.                            (J.F)

英会話表現&英単語 その35
the lack of crime                         犯罪の減少
over a year                               一年以上
offensive                                 気にさわる、不快な
very few                                  ほとんどない
afraid of 〜                〜がこわい
average street                            普通の通り
feel of a Hollywood movie                 ハリウッド映画の雰囲気
sadly                                     残念なことに
far from the truth                        真実ではない
In reality                                実際には、現実は
close to as safe as Japan                 日本とほぼ同じくらい安全
free of serious crime                     重犯罪がない

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