(The lack of) Crime in the United States (2)


All of Manhattan south of 100th street is safe.  That is an enormous area.

Similarly, large sections of the downtowns of Seattle, San Diego, Miami and Philadelphia and other major cities are free of violent crime.

My friends from New York who have lived almost all of their lives there have never been robbed, mugged or had anything stolen from them once.  I grew up in Philadelphia, a city that is shown to be dangerous in Hollywood movies, and I never had one problem in my life.

Of course, violence does happen but it is usually confined to (isolated) bad neighborhoods.  In the nicer areas of these American cities you can generally expect a level of safety that you would find in Tokyo.

My conclusion is that violence does happen in America - it just tends (usually) to happen in certain areas and these parts are poorer and far from the tourist sites.
These neighborhoods are rarely visited by tourist and rarely have any sightseeing spots anyway, so there is only a small chance you would ever visit any of these places in the first place.                              (J.F)

英会話表現&英単語 その36
enormous area                        巨大な地域
similarly                            同じように
never been robbed, mugged            略奪や強盗にあったことがない
have something stolen                何かを盗まれる
once                                 一度も
a city that is shown to be dangerous   危険な町として描かれている
violence does happen                 暴力は起こる(doesは強調)
confined to 〜            〜に限られている
far from the tourist sites           観光地からは離れている
in the first place                   何をさておいても
There is only a small chance you would ever visit there in the first place.       「そこを訪れる機会は、まずそもそもないでしょう」

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