Let's talk about it !  (10)


Let's talk about movies again !

In India, they go nuts for musicals shot by Bollywood.  Japan has put out some classic movie greats, such as, "The Seven Samurai","Ring", and "Godzilla" .  These films have touched the world and even Hollywood has picked these films up and remade them.

Kurosawa's "Seven Samurai" was purchased by American actor Yul Brenner and made into the American classic Western "The Magnificent Seven".  

The American version of "Ring" starring Naomi Watts wasn't so scary and the American "Godzilla" wasn't a hit at the box office like the Japanese original.

What kind of movies do you like ?  Name some of your favorite films, actors, directors...                 (V.C)

英会話表現&英単語 その38
go nuts for 〜            〜に夢中になる
shot by Bollywood                    インドで撮られた
put out                              作り出す
greats                               偉大な作品
touch the world                      世界を感動させる
purchase                             購入する
magnificent                          りっぱな、荘厳な
star                                 主役を演じる
a hit at the box office              興行的にあたる

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