America's Dollar Stores (1)


In Japan, the 100-yen shop ("hyaku-en shoppu") is very popular with almost all people.

It can be found in many convenient locations, and the items for sale inside are quite useful - and cheap.

Th USA also has such shops, called "dollar" shops.  They are usually chain shops and "Family Dollar", "Dollar Tree" and "Dollar General" are the most popular.

These kind of shops have been around for 20 or 30 years in America, but previously they were seen as selling cheap "Junk" (things that are badly made and easily disposable).

But this perception has changed in recent years.

For one thing, after the Great Recesson, people needed to try and save money.  Another factor is that the quality of the items (mostly made in China and Southeast Asia) has become better.                               (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その39
popular with 〜           〜に人気がある
items for sale                       売り物の商品
The shops have been around for 20 years.   そうした店は20年前からあちこちにある。
previously                           以前は
disposable                           使い捨ての
perception                           概念、考え方
in recent years                      最近になって
For one thing                        一つには
try and save money                   節約するようになる
another factor                       もう一つには

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