America's Dollar Stores (2)


Although they are called "dollar" shops, actually only about 25-30% of the items are a dollar or less in price.  All items, however, are less than $10,00 (ten dollars).

There are also more name-brand items made by well-known companies now sold in the dollar stores.

Unlike the 100-yen stores in Japan, the dollar stores often place "high traffic" (good sellers or necessities) in the rear of the shop, so that shoppers coming in for those items will probably make "impulse" (unplanned) purchases as well...

The discount giant in America - Wal Mart - is now in  a battle for coustomers with the dollar stores.
Wal-Mart is still number one, but has seen its profits decline, while profits at the dollar stores are up sharply.

Location is also different for these stores.Most of them are located in so-called "strip malls" (A line or strip of samll shops together in a roadside shopping center).

Japanese 100-yen shops are almost always located fairly close to a train station, a feature the dollar stores don't share...                                 (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その40
Although 〜             〜だけれども
a dollar or less                     1ドルかそれ以下
name-brand                           有名ブランドの
unlike 〜               〜とは違って
high traffic                         売れ筋
good sellers                         売れ行きの良いもの
necessities                          (生活)必需品
in the rear of the shop              店の奥の方
so that 〜              〜するように
impulse purchases                    衝動買い
as well                              同じように
in a battle for customers with 〜  お客をめぐって〜と争っている
decline                              減少する
while 〜               〜である一方
so-called                            いわゆる
strip of 〜             〜の細長い一角
feature                              特徴

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