Slavery in the US  (1)


A recent movie, "12 Years A Slave" was given an Academy Award for Best Picture on March 2.

The film, based on a true story, tells the tale of Solomon Northup who was a free black man from New York who was kidnapped and sold as a slave in the year 1841.

After a lot of adventures, and terrible treatment by white people, he later regains his freedom.

Slavery, the owning of one person by another, has been done probably as long as there have been humans on Earth.

It started in America in the 17th century and continued until the end of the Civil War (the war between the Northern and Southern states in the USA).

Most of America's slaves were in the South because they were used in the agriculture business to plant and harvest crops as well as many other tasks.  About 30% of the southern population at that time were black slaves.  Most of these had been brought from Africa to America at one time, having been captured there by slavers, for whom this was big business.                                  (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その41
slavery                                奴隷制度
based on a true story                  実話に基づいた
tell the tale of 〜          〜の物語を描いている
kidnapped and sold as a slave          誘拐され奴隷として売られる
terrible treatment                     ひどい扱い
regain freedom                         自由を取り戻す
as long as there have been humans on Earth   人類が地上に存在するようになってから
Civil War                              南北戦争
agriculture                            農業
plant and harvest crops                作物の種まきと収穫をする
as well as other tasks                 他の作業と同じように
at that time                           当時
at one time                            一時期
slaver                                 奴隷商人
for whom it was big business  =  because it was big business for slavers

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