Describing Past & Future Times(1)      No.15


When was the last time you ate Tonkatsu ramen ?  If you say "three days previous", I have to give you a yellow card!
Talking about dates in the past or future when something happened (or will happen) is confusing.  
For example, while it is true that the ramen you enjoyed so much was eaten 3 days previous to this day, we would more likey say "three days ago" ("ago" measures time from now back to a fixed point).  We can use minutes, days, weeks, months and years with "ago".
You can also say "a long time ago" or "ages ago"  "previous" describes something before, like a job, a statement, a house, (etc) but not usually an exact time.
How about the word "last" ?   Well, we can say that last decribes "the one before this one".   For example, "last Sunday", "last month", "last Christmas", and so on.   (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 15
while 〜   〜である一方
ages ago     はるか昔

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