Let's talk about it !  (11)


Let's talk about ghosts !

Do you believe in ghosts ?  Have you ever seen a ghost ?  Perhaps you know someone who has.

Two countries which have lots of ghost stories are Japan and England.

Both these countries are islands, both have histories filled with bloodshed and in Japan's case, many horrific natural disasters such as earthquakes and tunami.

Sudden, violent death can leave behind a lot of negative energy.
This energy may be picked up by the dampness in the air.                                (V.C)

英会話表現&英単語 その45
believe in ghosts                  幽霊の存在を信じる
histories filled with bloodshed    流血の惨事に満ちた歴史
horrific natural disasters         怖ろしくて身の毛のよだつような自然災害
leave behind                       置き去りにする、残していく
the dampness in the air            空中の湿っぽさ

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