"She's kind of nice"  (2)


Confusion comes because "kind" can also mean "type" : "What kind of lunch do you prefer ?"  And "kind" can also be used in "kind of ..."meaning "a bit..." : "My work was kind of busy today."

The word "nice" also has more than one meaning.  As in the example above it means "amiable" or "agreeable."
But it can also describe almost anything good : "Nice putt !" (in glof).  "Those roses have a really nice smell..."

When somebody does something that helps us, or is done to show us their good feeling for us, we can say "That was nice of you..." (the thing you did was a nice action for us or someone else).

Sometimes "nice" is also used in a sarcastic way : If I drop my cup of tea and it breaks on the floor, I might say "Oh, nice !" even though what happened is certainly not a nice event.

And also concernig "nice", the phrases "have a nice day" and "how nice !" (in reply to another's remark or suggestion) have become popular all over the world.                           (G.K)  

英会話表現&英単語 その52
confusion                       混乱
kind of                         少し、ちょっと
As in the example above         上記の例のように
amiable                         優しい、人当たりのよい
agreeable                       感じのよい、快い
That was nice of you            ご親切に、
sarcastic                       皮肉な、いやみを言う
"Oh, nice ! "                  「あっ、やってしまった!」
concerning 〜          〜について
in reply to 〜          〜に答えて
remark                          コメント、評言


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