Describing Past & Future Times(2)           No.16


On the other hand, for a future time, we can use "next", as in "next Sunday", "next month", etc.  This describes "the one after this one".  But, if we want to talk about the next day after today, we will use "tomorrow", of course.  That's a special case.  
I've sometimes heard Japanese people say "one month later I will go to Singapore to talk about future plans.  "later" isn't so bad for this situation, but it's more natural to say "one month from now I will go to Singapore."  Usually in English, the simpler word is the best.  
If we want to talk about a specific date in the future, we can also say something like "two weeks from Friday, I have to take the TOEIC test."
This expression gives a more exact time than just saying "two weeks from now on...
The word "in" is also used for future events; "In three days, my mother will come for a visit."  For this case, "in" means when that length of time arrives.  "In" can be used for minutes, days, weeks, months, etc...   (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 16
on the other hand    もう一方では
specific            特定の

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