The Great American Car (1)


Americans love their cars.

People in Japan possibly can't understand this, as many people rely on trains every day for travel.

If people here do have a driver's license, they are probably a "paper driver" - one who has a license but doesn't use it.

For an American, from age 16, when they get their first license, a car means freedom.  Freedom to go anywhere at any time, and not depending on a train or bus schedule.

Nowadays, it's Japanese cars that Americans love, due to their reliability and good performance, but it wasn't always so.

For many people, the "Golden Age" of the American car was from the middle 1950s to about 1980.

Such classic cars as the 1957 Chevrolet (the '57 Chevy), the 1965 Mustang, the 1969 Dodge Charger, and others had their heyday in this era.                             (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その53
rely on trains               電車に頼っている
freedom                      自由
at any time                  いつでも
not depending on 〜      〜に関係なく
nowadays                     最近は
due to 〜          〜によって、〜のおかげで
reliability                  信頼性
good performance             燃費の良さ
such classic cars as 〜   〜のようなクラシックカー
heyday in this era           この時代の黄金期

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