Let's talk about it !  (15)


Let's talk about alcohol !  

No, not the kind we use to sanitize our hands.  I'm talking about the kind we drink, such as beer, wine, whiskey, scotch, shochu, sake, buorbon, etc...

My favorite alchoholic beverarge is beer, though when I was younger I drank everything.  

Of course, then, as I do now, beer was always first.

Usually after a couple of cold beers, I might switch over to some sake, now and then.

Recently, I have stopped drinking draft beer and prefer to have bottled beer, especially a tall bottle of very cold Asahi Dry.  

I like to pour it into a small beer glass.                  (V.C)

英会話表現&英単語 その55
kind                        種類
sanitize                    消毒する
such as 〜         〜のような
beverage                    飲み物
then                        当時
as I do now                 今でもそうするように
now and then                時々
draft beer                  生ビール
tall bottle                 大瓶
pour                        注ぐ

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