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If I'm with a friend, I make sure we got two small beer glasses.  The "Obin" is a perfect size to drink slowly by yourself, or at a quicker pace by filling your friend's glass.  A Japanese "izakaya" is the perfect setting for drinkin and eating, and talking with friends.

All Japanese beers are good.  What is your favorite ?  How about foreign beers ?  Do you like Budweiser?  How about sake, or shochu ?

Do you drink whiskey ?  Do you like highballs ?
How often do you drink alcohol ?"Nomunication" seems to be popular in Japan, especially among company workers.   Sometimes, when people ask me what my hobby is, I say drinking beer in the "izakaya"  How about you ?                      (V.C)

英会話表現&英単語 その56
at a quicker pace            ペースを速めて
how often                    何回ぐらい
Nomunication                 飲みにケーション(和製英語)
especially among 〜          特に〜の間で
company workers              会社員

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