Airplane travel - At the check-in counter (2)


You will hand them your passport and this will generally be the first question they will ask you:

"Is there anyone else traveling with you today ?"
"Are you traveling alone ?" / "Are you traveling unaccompanied ?"

Then there are a handful of security questions.  It is important that you understand what they are asking you here:

"Are you carrying any weapons ?"
"Are you carrying an flammable material in your bags ?"  (Flammable means easy to burn or start a fire)
"Do you have any perishable food items in your bags ?"  (perishable food need to be refrigerated)

Did someone you do not know ask you to take something on the plane with you ?"   (Did a stranger put an object in your bag or ask you to carry a strange box or object on the plane for them ?)

"Did you have possession of luggage since you packed ?"   (Has anyone else put something in your bag after you finished packing it ?)

"Did you leave your luggage unattended at all in the airport ?"  (Did you sit your bags down and not pay attention to them for several minutes in the airport ?)

英会話表現&英単語 その60
hand your passport            パスポートを手渡す
travel unaccompanied          連れのいない一人旅
a handful of 〜               幾つかの〜
flammable                     可燃性の、発火性の
perishable                    腐れやすい
have possession of 〜         〜を所持する
leave your luggage unattended  バッグをうっちゃらかしにする

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