King Arthur (1)


One of the most interesting legends in English history is that of King Arhur.

In many tales of folklore, books, poems, songs, (and recently) movies and TV dramas, his story is told.

Whether King Arthur was a real or even partly real person is still debated today by historians.

The legendary Arhur comes mostly from old tales translated and added to in "Le Morte d'Athur" (the death of Arhur) by Sir Thomas Malory in the 15th century.

Briefly, in the legend, Arthur is a heroic figure who establishes the kingdom of Camelot in old England.

Here, he surrounds himself with other heroic knights (warriors who were of the same type as Samurai in old Japan in that they followed a code of conduct and were of higer rank).                                 (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その61
folklore                      民俗、民間伝承
whether 〜          〜かどうか
debate                        論争する
historian                     歴史家
legendary                     伝説上の

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