A Real Time Traveler ? (2)


Titor also said that he made a "stop" in the year 2000 to meet and research his own family.

Most people, of course, felt these posts were made up as part of a hoax.  Some people, however, weren't so sure...

For one thing, Titor did provide some details of his time machine, which he described as a "stationary mass, temporal displacement unit" that was inserted into the back of a chevrolet corvette car ( sounds like "Back to the Future"!)

He gave quite a lot of data about it, and also made some specific predictions of our future: He stated that the USA would break into 5 separate regions due to a Civil War, and that mad cow disease would kill a lot of people later.                        (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その65
make a stop                 立ち寄る、止まる
were made up                作り話を仕立てる
hoax                        でっち上げ、捏造
For one thing               ひとつには
provide some details        詳細な説明をする
stationary mass             静止した塊り
temporal displacement unit  時間転移装置
Chevrolet Corvette car      シボレーのコルベット車
quite a lot of 〜      かなり多くの〜
specific predictions        具体的な予言、予想
state that 〜        〜と述べる
due to 〜          〜のせいで、〜が原因で
mad cow disease             狂牛病

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