Let's talk about it !  (21)


今回は "soft drink" (アルコールを含まない飲み物)についてのブログです。 "alcoholic beverage" 「アルコール飲料」とは区別して覚えましょう。

Let's talk about Coca Cola and other popular soft drinks.

Of course, Coca Cola is the most famous and the most popular carbonated soft drink on the planet.

Originally, Coca Cola was a patented medicine when it was invented by John Pemberton in the late 19th century.

When the product was first launched, Coca Cola's two key ingredients were cocaine and caffiene, both stimulants.

Of course, now there is no cocaine in the drink  It's the caffiene which gives the consumer the surge of pep associated with drinking coke.                          (V.C)

英会話表現&英単語 その69
carbonated soft drink              炭酸入りの清涼飲料
on the planet                      地球上で
originally                         元々は、当初は
patented medicine                  特許を持つ医薬品
invent                             発明する、発見する
late 19th century                  19世紀後半
launch                             (商品を)市場に出す
ingredient                         成分
stimulant                          刺激物、興奮薬
surge of pep                       活力の高まり
associated with 〜          〜と結びついて

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