Airplane travel -On the plane (2)


Here is a conversation between two people on a plane (2)

A: Yes, I feel the same way.  My secret is to walk around  a little.  I usually walk up and down the aisle a few times and stretch my legs.  I, also, prefer the aisle seat because there is more legroom.

B: Yes, walking around a bit in the aisle is a good way to feel better.  Also, one good thing about this flight is that there has been no turbulence at all.  It ha been a very calm and relaxing flight.

A: Well. the takeoff was a little rocky but yes, other than that, the flight has been very smooth.  I hope the landing is better.

Scenery - The view.  Usually of nature - mountains, hills, trees etc.
Entertainment consul - The TV screen on the back of the seat in front of you.
Legroom - The amount of space you have for your legs.  Very common flying word.
Recline - To put the seat back when you are sleeping on the flight.  You can also say "my seat won't get back far."
Aisle - The area where you can walk on a  airplane.
Turbulence - When the plane begins shaking becasuse the weather is bad outside.
Rocky - The same meaning as turbulence though turbulence is a noun and rocky is an adjective.
Takeoff - When the plane leaves the ground.                               (J.F)

英会話表現&英単語 その72
feel the same way              同感
walk up and down the aisle     通路を行ったり来たりする
turbulence                     乱気流
takeoff                        離陸
rocky                          ぐらつく、不安定な
landing                        着陸

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