American Hot Dogs (1)


As the weather gets warmer people often start to think about outdoor picnics and barbecues.

One of the most popular foods for these events, at least in the USA, is the hot dog !

To be clear, a hot dog is a frankfurter (German-style sausage) served in a soft, tube-shaped roll, and often topped with mustard or ketchup (among other things).

The German sausages, usually boiled were sold on New York streets as early as 1880.  Sometime later, they were put into the rolls and the hot dog we know was born.  

At first, they were know as "red hots" because they were sold hot on the street.  Later, they were called "Coney Islands" because that section of NYC popularized hot dogs...

The word "hot dog" was first used maybe by college students, because it was a well-known joke that they were sometimes made from dog meat. (There may actually be some truth to this !)                                       (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その75
to be clear                   はっきりさせるために
tube-shaped roll              筒状のロールパン
topped with 〜        〜が上にのっている
among other things            何をおいても
as early as 1880              1880年には
at first                      最初は
Coney Island                  Long Islandにある地名
NYC                           New York City の略
polularize                    普及させる
well-known                    よく知られた

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