American Hot Dogs (2)


Hot dogs began to be sold everywhere, including baseball parks, and that tradition was also born.

There's a lot of regional variations in the American hot dog.  For example, the "classic"style hot dog served with yellow mustard and relish (a kind of Tsukemono) is loved everywhere, but in NYC they might also add sauerkraut.

Chicago-style dogs are made with sliced pieces of dill pickle, sweet peppers and tomatoes.

The "chili dog" started in the southwest of America, but became a national favorite.  It is topped with mexican chili con carne and sometimes cheese.

People from the south enjoy hot dogs with cole slaw on them.

There are endless variations in the US, and hot dogs made with alternate meats such as chicken , turky, or even tofu have become somewhat popular due to their lower fat content...

Sometimes people from Japan have won hot dog eating contests in America, eating as many as 68 hot dogs !                           (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その76
regional variations            地域による違い
relish                         ピクルスなどの付け合せ
sauerkraut                     キャベツの塩漬け(ドイツ料理)
dill pickle                    ディル(香辛料)の漬物
national favorite              国民的人気(商品)
chili con carne                ちり唐辛子メンチ肉(メキシコ料理)
alternate meats                色々な種類の肉
due to 〜            〜のおかげで
lower fat content              低脂肪成分

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