Let's talk about it !  (25)


Let's talk about coffee today !

Did you know that Finland is one of the greatest coffee consuming nations in the world ?  Finland seems so far away from coffee producing countries like Columbia, Brazil, Venezuela, Costa Rica, and some African countries, like Kenya.

Starbucks often sells exotic sounding coffee from exotic sounding countries just to make a buck.

Starbucks isn't really interested in the taste.  They are interested in how much money they can make.                         (V.C)

英会話表現&英単語 その79
coffee consuming nations           コーヒー消費国
coffee producing countries         コーヒー生産国
exotic sounding                    奇抜(異国風)に聞こえる
to make a buck                     お金(buck)儲けの為に
how much money they can make       いくら儲けられるか

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