Let's talk about it !  (26)


Let's talk about coffee again !

For Starbucks, it's all marketing.  Most of the time, the coffee served there tastes terrible.  It's usually very oily and extremely bitter and to make it look like they are generous, they fill the cup to the very edge of the brim, so that when you drink it, you burn your lips.

It's over-priced hype.  It's not quality taste.  You are paying for the Starbucks name !

I like Doutor sometimes.  The coffee is good.  The service is good.  The sandwiches are too small and too expensive.

So, when I'm low on money, I go to Veloce (one which doesn't permit smoking).

I used to a smoker, but I quit 20 years ago.  Mac coffee is very bitter, but it's also very cheap.  

Where do you go for coffee ?   Let's talk about it.                         (V.C)

英会話表現&英単語 その80
extremely bitter                 すこぶる苦い
to make it look like 〜     〜のように見せかける
generous                         気前の良い、寛大な
edge of the brim                 ふちの端
so that 〜            その結果〜する
over-priced hype                 ぼったくり
quality taste                    高品質な味
low on money                     懐がさびしい

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