Airplane travel - General conversation about flying (1)


A: In your opinion, what is the best airline ?

B: Hmmm... I would say that Virgin Airline is my favorite.

A: Why do you say Virgin ?

B: Well, their service is the best.  They have complimentary drinks, in-flight entertainment, and the stewardesses are always polite and just great.

A: Yes, that is true.  I flew Virgin two times before and both times I had great flights.  Also, I have heard that Virgin Airlines has a perfect safety record.

B: Yep, they've never had an accident or anything major go wrong with their planes and that is quite important for me because I fly so much.                         (J.F)

英会話表現&英単語 その81
general conversation             一般的な会話
in your opinion                  あなたの意見では
I would say 〜          〜だと思います
complimentary drinks             無料ドリンク
in-flight entertainment          座席のテレビ画面
flew Virgin two times            バージン航空に二度乗った
safety record                    安全性
go wrong with 〜         〜が故障する

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