Airplane travel - General conversation about flying (2)


A: Another question - in general, what is your least favorite thing about flying ?

B: I have to say checking in.  There are sometimes long lines and sometimes the airline employee at the check-in counter is slow or does not speak English well.  Of course, it depends on the airline but, in the past, I have had some slow experiences at check-in counters.

A: Yea, checking in can take such a long time, especially during the holiday season.  Christmas time and Thanksgiving are the worse !

Service - The quality of customer care.  You can say "poor sevice" or "good service."  For example, this airline has "poor service" and this airline has "good service."  You can also say customer sevrice.

Complimentary - This means free, or included in the total price.  With flying, you can use this word to describe complimentary - food, drinks, ear plugs, eye cover, etc.

In-flight entertainment - This is the TV screen in front of you where you can watch movies or, in  older airplanes, the music you can listen to with the provided earphones.

Safety record - The record, or list of all safety problems the airline has ever had.  You can say an airline has a "good safety record" or a "bad safety record."

Using these vocabulary words, try role-playing a conversation about flying with your English Village teacher or a friend.                           (J.F)

英会話表現&英単語 その82
in general                  一般的に言って
least favorite thing        一番嫌いなこと
in the past                 過去に
especially                  特に
worse                       いっそう悪い

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