Life on the Lake (2)


In the summer my friends Mike and Steve and I wandered the hills and forests surrounding the lake, dressed in military-pattern clothes and carryin air guns and slingshots (which we sometimes shot at each other).

As we wore long sleeves and pants even in hot weather, our mothers would ask "Why don't you put on some T-shirts and shorts ?"
Because... it wasn't what a commando would wear !  In our minds, we were always searching for "the enemy", and had to maintain a military attitude.

We also went through a phase in which we were interested in Ninja, so studied Ninjutsu (from mail-order books) and yes, sometimes wore black and learned to throw Shuriken.

All of this might seem weird, but remember, there were no RPGs in '77.  We had to make up our own...

The winters were sometimes very cold, maybe -20℃, and a lot of snow.  We had to get up at 6A.M for school, which started at 7.

My house had electric heat, but my parents had an idea to save money by using a wood-burning stove for heat.  As the stove often burned out overnight, staring the fire at 6A.M. was... "fun".

Just as the fire got warm, I had to walk up the road to catch the school bus.  Wow, was it cold !  I used to wear a black Russian fur hat !

Old-fashioned ?  Yes.  But we never worried about Global Warming, UV rays or PM2.5.    Sounds not so bad, yes ?                             (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その86
wander 〜                       〜をさまよい歩く
slingshot                      (小石などを飛ばす)パチンコ
shot at each other              お互いをめがけて打ち合った
our mothers would ask        母親たちがよく聞いたものだ
put on                          着る
commando                       (軍隊)特別奇襲隊員
maintain a military attitude     軍隊の心構えを維持する
go through a phase in which 〜  〜する段階にいたる  
mail-order                      通信販売
RPG                             Report Program Generator
burn out overnight              一晩で燃え尽きる
Wow, was it cold !              ( = How cold it was ! )なんて寒かったんだろう!
Global Warming                  地球温暖化
UV rays                         紫外線


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