Let's talk about it !  (28)


Let's talk about cigarettes and smoking again !

In New York, that's where I am from, cigarettes cost $12,00 per pack.  That's about one-thousand, two hundred yen.

My brother is a chain smoker and he sometimes smokes 4 packs of cigarettes a day.  He spends aout \120,000 a month on cigarettes.

His car (expensive) and his mansion (expensive) smell of old and new cigarette smoke.

His teeth are turning a yellowish-brown as are his thumb and forefinger on his right hand (his smoking hand).

Cigarettes kill more people than bullets in the world.

Do you smoke ?  I quit smoking 20 years ago.  Is there anything beneficial about smoking ?  Why do people smoke ?                           (V.C)

英会話表現&英単語 その88
that's where I am from           そこが私の出身地です
chain smoker                     ヘビースモーカー
spend money on 〜         〜にお金を使う
mansion                          豪邸
smell of 〜            〜のにおいがする
yellowish-brown                  黄色みがかった茶色
as are his thumb and forefinger   親指と人差し指と同じように
bullet                            銃弾
beneficial                        利益になる

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