Pet Names (3)


What are some common pet names these days ?   Read on !

Boys can be called "handsome", "lover", "McDreamy", "love machine" or even "Tiger". (Not the golf player !)

Girls might be called "sweetpea", "angel", "sexy","doll", and of course, "baby".

People sometimes call each other very silly names, which can sound quite annoying to other people.

Some examples for both men and women include:"Munchkin", "funny bunny", "num-num", "love bug", or "pumpkin".

Terms used for cute animals (bunny), foods (sweet pie) or characters from animation (Pooh bear from "Winnie the Pooh") are very popular.

And by the way, the word "baby" has also come to be used as an exclamation for any topic, as in "world champions, baby !" Which might be used by a sports fan talking about his team...                                   (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その95
common pet names                よく使われる愛称(あだ名)
these days                      最近
read on                         読み続ける
sound quite annoying            かなり耳障りな
Munchkin                        小さな妖精(のような人)
exclamation                     絶叫、感嘆

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