Pulp Fiction (1)


"Pulp Fiction" may be the title of a popular film by Quentin Tarentino, but the phrase itself refers to something else.

In the old days, before TV and even before comic books, there were "pulp magazines".

These magazines, printed on cheap, "pulp" paper (much like manga weeklies today) featured exciting fiction stories, and sensational ("lurid") covers.  They were most popular from 1910 - 40.

The stories contained in the magazine were not classic literature, and were in many genres, including adventure, sports, war, detective, western, and many others.

Some of the characters from the stories did become classic characters, including Buck Rogers, The Shadow and Tarzan.

英会話表現&英単語 その97
refer to something else         別のことを言っている
feature〜            〜を扱う(スポットライトを
lurid                           どぎつい、けばけばしい
most popular                    とても人気がある
classic literature              古典文学
genre                           ジャンル
detective                       刑事もの
character                       (登場)人物、役柄
Buck Rogers                     SF漫画の主人公の名前

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