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I went to a crowded cafe yesterday and had to search for a seat to save before I could order.

Even after many years in Japan, it's still a difficult thing for me to leave my bag alone at a table while I order at the counter.  In most countries, if you did that, the bag would probably be stolen !

One of my friends recently posted an angry message on Facebook, saying that a waiter at a Starbucks in Osaka had refused to serve her because she was a foreigner.

After listening to her story, I think what actually happened was that the staff member wanted her to find a seat before she ordered.  Since she didn't have a seat, they refused to let her order.

This is a standard practice for Japanese cafes, but it's a custom that is probably unique to Japan, and it's an unwritten rule that is rarely mentioned in guide books.

However, everyone knows that there are places in Japan that don't serve foreigners, so it makes sense she jumped to that conclusion.

英会話表現&英単語 その109
save a seat                        席を取っておく
leave a bag alone                  バッグから離れる
if you did that                    もしそんなことをしたら(仮定法)
post a message                     メッセージを書き込む
Since 〜              〜なので(=because)
let her order                      彼女の注文を受ける
unique to 〜            〜だけのもの
unwritten rule                     不文律
rarely mentioned                   述べられることがほとんどない
make sense                         理屈に合う、意味を成す
conclusion                         結論

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