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What he wanted to know was this: was it an American custom to put paper towels on the paper towel holder in the kitchen, so that the towel hung down behind, not in front, of the roll ?

Of course I told him it was just a coincidence how I sometimes hung the towels on the towel rack.  He had been wondering about this for months, trying to figure our if there was a special American meaning !

One of my Japanese friends often has arguments with her Canadian husband about this and that.  Every time they have a difference of opinion, he simply says "That's how Canadians do it. "

She often emails me and asks if he's right.  I ask my Canadian friends, and more often than not, they disagreee with him and judge that it's actually his opinion, not Canadian opinion.

When it's his opinion, she usually decides she can change his mind; when it's "Canadian opinion", she respects it and agrees to do things his way.

Why is that ?  Are cultural ideas really more intractable than an individual's ideas ?  I think we should be careful of always using the argument that our idea is right because "it's cultural".

英会話表現&英単語 その112
so that 〜              〜するように
hung down behind, not in front   前ではなく後ろに垂れた
coincidence                      偶然
figure out                       理解する、分かる
this and that                    あれやこれや
more often than not              大抵の場合
intractable                      手に負えない、やっかいな

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