The best cities in the United States Part 2 (1)


The first two cities are wonderful places.

However, one city I would recommend more than any other in America and that is my favorite city in the U.S. is San Francisco.

This is the most liberal of these tree cities.  People are open-minded here and all different kinds of people are accepted.

The Bay Area is, also, home to some of the most innovative companies on the planet, including Google, Intel and Facebook.

Furthermore, the population is very well educated and international.  Going to a bar or party you might meet a famous systems engineer or a talented opera singer.                           (J.F)

英会話表現&英単語 その117
I would recommend             是非お薦めしたい
more than any other             何を差し置いても
liberal                         自由な、開放的な
open-minded                     心を開いた、偏見のない
innovative                      革新的な
on the planet                   地球上で
Furthermore                     さらに、なおその上
population                      そこに住む人々

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  • 吉祥寺
  • 池袋西口
  • 池袋東口
  • 新宿西口
  • 新宿南口
  • 渋谷
  • 渋谷宮益坂
  • 銀座三丁目
  • 銀座四丁目
  • 神田
  • 東京八重洲
  • 五反田
  • 横浜