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If someone is in the middle of a very tough situation (for example studying for a difficult test) and you want to encourage them, you can say "Hang in there !"

And if you want to encourage someone to start something, or to aim for a big goal, you can say "Gor for it !" or "You can do it !"

By the way, instead of saying "ganbarimasu", Americans might just say "I'll try !", or "I'll try really hard !"  If someone says "Good luck or hang in there !" we'll probably just say : "Thanks."

    Everyone, good luck learning more and more English !


I once had an American coworker who desperately wanted to know how to wish someone "Have a nice weekend" or Have a nice day".

Americans feel very rude if they say goodbye to a staff member on Friday without wishing them a nice weekend, and every week my coworkers agonized about not being able to say it to the Japanese university staff.

英会話表現&英単語 その126
in the middle of 〜       〜の真最中
tough situation                  困難
encourage                        励ます
Hang in there !                  ガンバレ(あきらめずに)
aim for 〜            〜をめざす
Go for it !                      ガンバレ(それをめざして)
by the way                       ところで
might just say 〜        たんに〜と言うだけかもしれない
good luck learning 〜      頑張って〜を勉強してください
coworker                         同僚
desperately want to 〜      とても〜したい
wish someone 〜                  人に〜を願う
agonize                          悩む、身を焦がす

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