Let's talk about it ! (41)


Let's talk about guns !

Most of you who are reading this have never touched a gun.
Japan has very tight gun control.  Of course, the police got guns, the military, some hunters have shotguns and a very small number of guns belong to the Yakuza, the bad guys.

But regular folk, like you and like me, like all the people you work with, or the people waiting for the train, or walking in the streets, do not carry guns.  

Obviously, this is because they do not own guns.  They have no access to them.                  (V.C)

英会話表現&英単語 その130
tight gun control                厳しい銃規制
regular folk                     一般人、普通の人々
obviously                        明らかに
have no access to 〜             〜への接触がない

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