Movies Predict the Future (2)


Another seemingly accurate prediction of the future is contained in The Postman (1997), starring Kevin Costner.

America has been devastated by a nuclear war and society has broken down into groups of power-hungry survivalists.
Anyone who follows the news from Ameica recently could easily believe such a scenario is possible...

Arnold Schwarzenegar's The Running Man (1987) situation is that America's economy has collapsed and the country has become a police state in which violent TV game shows are made to distract the population.  Again, sounds possible !

Seems like movies are very pessimistic about the USA's future.

Even worse is Soylent Green (1973) which states that in the future (2022) there are food shortages due to overpopulation.  People have to eat the synthetic food products of the Soylent Corporation.  Some Soylent products actually contain vegetable product, but Soylent Green, the best-tasting and most popular is made from dead humans.

Possible ?   I hope not !                    (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その133
seemingly accurate prediction      見たところ正しそうな予想
devastate                          荒廃させる
break down into groups             グループに分かれる
power-hungry survivalist           権力に飢えた生存主義者
collapse                           崩壊する
distract the population          人口を散らす
Seems like 〜             〜のように思える
pessimistic                        悲観的な
even worse                         もっと悪い
state that 〜           〜と述べる
food shortage                      食糧不足
due to overpopulation              人口の増え過ぎで
synthetic food                     合成された食べ物       

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